Biological waste water treatment

Microorganisms and aquatic plants purify water by feeding on different substances. In ACTTM these natural processes are optimized to treat the wastewater requiring only 3 m2 of the garden.

Robust biological processes – low maintenance

Since ACTTM is based on natural processes it requires close to no maintenance and no supply of chemicals which saves you both time and money. Thanks to our unique sludge degrading system sludge removal is put to a minimum (approximately every 10th year).The microorganisms and plants adapt automatically to variation in wastewater load, meaning that no adjustments are needed once everything is installed.

All users, from small households to large facilities such as hotels, benefit from using ACTTM. It can easily be upgraded to manage larger loads of sewage or tougher treatment requirements.

ACTTM has an outstanding ability to take care of unwanted substances. Tests carried out by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute show that ACTTM purifies the water from pharmaceutical residues better than average municipal wastewater treatment plants.

• Secure and reliable
• long lifespan
• No costly chemicals or service needed
• Minimized need for sludge removal